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Research Papers in Refereed Journals:

21.  "Split Personalities? Behavioral Effects of Temperature on Financial Decision-Making" with Despoina Gavresi and Chris Makridis, forthcoming at Kyklos.

20. “Solar Eclipses and the Origins of Critical Thinking and Complexity” with Eric Roca Fernandez, forthcoming at the Economic Journal.

19. “Past Exposure to Macroeconomic Shocks and Populist Attitudes in Europe” Anastasia Litina and Despoina Gavresi, forthcoming at the Journal of Comparative Economics.


18. "The Role of Institutions on the Nexus between Inequality and Public Education" with Pantelis Kammas (AUEB) and Theodore  Palivos (AUEB),  Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 207, 529-540.


17. "Economic complexity of cities and its role for resilience" with Athanasios Lapatinas (JRC) and Konstantinos Poulios, PLoS ONE 17(8): e0269797.

  •        Featured in the report of J.P. Morgan, "New York, Just Like I Pictured It". Link here.


16. "Family Ties and Corruption"  with Dimitrios Varvarigos (Leicester University), Forthcoming at the B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics,


15. “Do Product Market Reforms Raise Innovation? Evidence from Micro-data Across 12 Countries” with Chris Makridis (USA, Economist on the Council of Economic Advisers) and George Tsiachtsiras (University of Barcelona), Technological Forecasting & Social Change (2021),169.


14. "A Gravity Analysis of Refugees Mobility Using Mobile Phone Data" with Michel Beine, Luisito Bertinelli, Rana Comertpay and Jean-François Maystadt, Journal of Development Economics (2021), 150.


13. "Environmental Culture and Economic Complexity" with Athanasios Lapatinas (JRC) and Skerdi Zanaj (University of Luxembourg), Sustainability (2021), 13(2), 870-875. Special Issue, Guest Editor: Cesar Hidalgo.


12. “A Dynamic Analysis of the Income-Pollution Relationship in a Two-country Setting", with Eleftherios Filippiadis, Journal Economic Change and Restructuring (2021).


11. “Population Aging and Inventive Activity” with Andreas Irmen, Macroeconomic Dynamics (2020), 1-35.


10. "Occupation-Induced Status, Social Norms, and Economic Growth" Nikos Kontogiannis, Anastasia Litina and Dimitrios Varvarigos, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2019), 163, 348-360.


9. “Environmental Projects in the Presence of Corruption", Athanasios Lapatinas, Anastasia Litina and Eftichios Sartzetakis. International Tax and Public Finance (2019), 26 (1), 103-144.


8. "Intelligence and Economic Sophistication", Athanasios Lapatinas and Anastasia Litina. Empirical Economics (2019), 57 (5), 1731-1750.


7. “Dissecting the act of god: an exploration of the effect of religiosity on economic activity”, Jean Francois Carpantier and Anastasia Litina, BE Journal of Macroeconomics-Contributions (2018), 1-25.  10.1515/bejm-2016-0219


6. “The Cultural Transmission of Environmental Values: A Comparative Approach” Anastasia Litina, Simone Moriconi and Skerdi Zanaj, World Development 84 (2016), 131-148.


5. “Natural Land Productivity, Cooperation and Comparative Development, Anastasia Litina, Journal of Economic Growth 21 (2016), 351-408.


4. “Corruption, Tax Evasion and Social Values”, Anastasia Litina and Theodore Palivos, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 124 (2016), 164-177.


3. “Growth Friendly Dictatorships, Giacomo De Luca, Anastasia Litina and Petros Sekeris, Journal of Comparative Economics 43 (2015), 98-111.


2. “The Behavior of the Saving Rate in the Neoclassical Optimal Growth Model”, Anastasia Litina and Theodore Palivos, Macroeconomic Dynamics 14 (2010), 482-500.


1. “Do Inada Conditions Imply that Production Function Must Be Asymptotically Cobb-Douglas? A Comment” Anastasia Litina and Theodore Palivos, Economics Letters 99 (2008), 498–499.


Research Papers in Edited Volumes and Invited Publications:

4. “Corruption, Tax Evasion and Social Values: An Immigrant-Based Analysis”. Anastasia Litina and Theodore Palivos in the Handbook of Informal Economy, Editor: Ceyhun Elgin. Routledge (forthcoming).

3. "Refugee Mobility: Evidence from Phone Data in Turkey",  Michel Beine, Luisito Bertinelli, Rana Comertpay, Anastasia Litina, Jean-François Maystadt and Benteng Zou, Guide to Mobile Data Analytics in Refugee Scenarios: The "Data for Refugees Challenge" Study, Editors: Salah, A.A, Pentland, A. Lepri, B., Letouze, E. (Eds), Springer (2019). 10.1007/978-3-030-12554-7_22


2. "The Implications of Population Aging for Immigrant- and Gender-Related Attitudes", jointly written with Andreas Irmen to appear in the Handbook on the Economics of Ageing edited by David E. Bloom, Alfonso Sousa-Poza and Uwe Sunde and published by Routledge.

1. “What a Study of 33 Countries Found About Aging Populations and Innovation”, Andreas Irmen and Anastasia Litina, featuring our paper “Population Aging and Inventive Activity”, Harvard Business Review (2017).


Policy Publications


2. Dlouhá, Jana; Barton, Andrew; Litina-Papastathi, Anastasia; Pachmanová, Lenka; “Indicators for Reflection of Learning Processes in Sustainability Oriented Regional Networks of Cooperation” Multi-Actor Learning, 47, 2011.


1. Alberti, V., Banys, K., Caperna, G., Del Sorbo, M., Fregoni, M., Havari, E., Kovacic, M., Lapatinas, A., Litina, A., Montalto, V., Tacao Moura, C.J., Neher, F., Panella, F., Peragine, V., Pisoni, E., Stuhler, J., Symeonidis, K., Verzillo, S. and Boldrini, M., Monitoring Multidimensional Inequalities in the European Union, Dominguez Torreiro, M. and Papadimitriou, E. editor(s), EUR 30649 EN, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 2021, ISBN 978-92-76-32442-3, doi:10.2760/726031, JRC123911.

Working Papers

 "Economic Complexity Shapes Attitudes about Gender Roles" with Athanasios Lapatinas and Skerdi Zanaj​.

 "Diversity on the Screen" with Manthos Delis and Skerdi Zanaj.

 "The Impact of Population Aging on Anti-Immigrant Attitudes?" with Andreas Irmen (University of Luxembourg) and Rana Comertpay (University of Luxembourg)

 "The Geographic Origins of State Formation?" with Luisito Bertinelli (University of Luxembourg)


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